Touraine is a well known golfing region.  In the neibourghood of Les Grandes Vignes,  nt more than 30 miles distance, several golf courses are at the disposal of our guests : the Golf du Chateau de Cheverny and its prestige, the courses of La Carte, Fleuray Amboise, Orléans Limère, Les Aisses, Les Sept Tours , Tours Ardrée, just to mention a few.

A new comer , since 2013, appeared in this golfing picture. In our property of Les Grandes Vignes, we implemented a very big lawn, with 2 greens ,and 3 holes : Two small par 4 with dog-leg, 230 yards longs, and one shirt, 120 yards par 3 hole. With 2 distinct teeings  available, a 6 holes, 1000 yards long golf course is available for our guests.  Interesting detail : the greens are synthetic, which secures a constant homogeneous rolling with almost no maintenance.

Our Micro Club House can supply clubs and balls, tees and gloves can purchased as well.